ERIO System  ...the professional choice.
The boil out unit WAPO-EX 12 II stands out  thanks to its efficient applications planning, programmable timer and automatic wax removal. This free standing unit with integrated spray gallows scalds up to 12 flask halves simultaneously and fully automatically. A touch screen offers diverse functions and reproducible procedures by simple programming. An elaborate boil out unit manufactured using high quality materials and components and designed for

Reg. Price: $9,776 Discounted Price: $6,200
WAPO-MAT Curing unit. Will process up to 9 flasks at one time.
Reg Price: $2,612 Discounted Price: $1,959 delivered.
WAPO-EX8 III Boil-Out unit. Capacity of 8 half flasks.

Reg. Price: $5,452

Discounted Price: $4,089 delivered.
WAPO-EX Boil-Out Curing Unit. Capacity 4 half flasks for boil-out and 6 flasks for curing.

Reg. Price: $5,785

Discounted Price: $4,339 delivered.

WASI-STEAM 2 Steam Cleaner.
Cleaning pressure up to 6 bar.
Regulation of steam saturation and steam quantity.
Permanent water supply.
Electronic delimer.
Stainless steel housing.
Compact format, strong performance.
Adjustable up to 4.2 bar
Short heat-up phase.
CEMAT SERIES. These fine blasting units equipped with 2-4 full metal blasting material tanks combine everything that can be desired of a unit of this quality. Call for catalog for more details.
WP-EX 3000 II Polishing Compact Unit.
GOBI CLASSIC Fine Blasting Unit.
HSS-88 Model Trimmer. Powerful, flexible and durable.1000W output. Outstanding and top in its class.
Low noise and vibration free.
HSS-AZ Model Trimmer. 750W output. Top in its class.
Low noise and vibration free.